Looking to catch top talent in 2015?

Thu Feb 12th 2015

So you're on a fishing expedition to catch the biggest, fastest and most ideal fish to join your team. Alongside you are 20 of the most competitive fisher-people in NZ! The success of your catch means so much to you and your people, your professional and personal life hinges on catching something in the top 10% of the best fish out there. You have 2 choices; take your chances with putting your line in the local pond or cast wider into the oceans of the world…

In 2014 we doubled our team of experienced recruitment professionals and are striving do the same again this year. Sure it's great to have these ambitions and growth goals; but they can only be achieved through securing the right people. One of the core challenges is there's a growing talent shortage in NZ for specialised professionals… so the question remains; where will you source your top talent from in 2015?

Global resourcing practices have advanced significantly with the advent of sophisticated search platforms that, if implemented well can significantly mitigate risk and make the process smooth even enjoyable. In 2014 alone our team has successfully sourced & placed talented people for NZ based employers from countries including the UK, USA, Singapore, Australia, India, Philippines and South Africa. OK so it can be done… but what are the top 5 advantages when considering overseas talent?

1: Larger talent pool. 3 million people V 6 Billion globally

2: Less competition and increase your odds.

Don't put all your eggs in 1 basket just looking at local talent who everyone is fighting for

3: Global ideas / innovation.

Create a valuable channel that can introduce new thinking and global ideas to your business

4: Multicultural workplace.

Enjoy the dynamics and benefits talented people from different cultures bring to the workplace

5: Faster future growth.

After completing a successful global employment assignment you are in a strong position to attract more talented people rather than just relying on supply in a restricted local market.

Most permanent employees in NZ require a 4 week notice period and often have a 1 week break in between roles. Depending on the variables, this can be an adequate length of time for a talented overseas candidate to arrive in NZ and join your team. There's a whole world of talent out there waiting for kiwi employers to cast their line out and test the water. If you employ just a few high calibre people from overseas in 2015, this could be the difference of taking home the Marlin while the rest of your competitors battle it out over a medium size Groper. If you are interested in learning more about a global search strategy to suit your resourcing goals contact Johnny for a confidential discussion.

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