NZ ICT Predictions 2015: Success hinges on transition to become a technology focused organisation

Thu Mar 19th 2015

The future success in many industries today will be about how well organisations can embrace the transition to becoming technology/digital focused in the new marketplace, reports IDC in itsNew Zealand ICT Predictions 2015 report.

This shifting focus will enable successful companies to innovate and adopt many of the disruptive technologies emerging, to give themselves new areas of competitive advantage in areas such as customer service, innovation and cost management.

At the same time, the third platform technologies (cloud, mobility, big data and social ) can enhance productivity and efficiency but also create disruption in some areas of the market.

"This pace of change creates new ways of doing things that could quickly leave models that do not evolve fast enough stranded high and dry," the report states.

Understanding your organisation's level of third platform maturity on five key areas – intent, technology, people, process, and data – is likely to be the first place to start, says IDC.

Once this assessment is completed, it will be much easier to identify the gaps to outperform peers and competitors who have not done so.

This will also help you identify the right IT partners that fit with your level of maturity and have the capabilities to take your organisation to the next level.


The new partnerships

The report points out CIOs will increasingly need to work with line of business (LOB) leaders.

This year, more LOB managers, in particular the CMO, will get further involved in ICT related spending, whether or not the CIO supports this activity.

LOB managers will increasingly have ICT investment as a direct component of their departmental budgets, driven by a desire to control and enhance their own projects in customer facing environments, the report states.

Their increasing familiarity and the ease of use of third platform technologies will see them continue to use big data, social and mobile in particular to develop improved customer intimacy.

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