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Business Psychologist & Performance Coach

Phone: +64 (0)275251415

Kirsten is an expert Business Psychologist and High Performance Coach.  Through her consultancy, Mindset, she helps businesses to build high-performing cultures, great leaders and resilient, responsive teams.

Kirsten uses her specialist psychological skills to show people and teams how to hit their peaks… and enjoy maintaining those peaks. As a Registered Clinical Psychologist with a PhD in Cognitive Psychology, Kirsten is an expert at moving and motivating people. She loves to share her knowledge with leaders, teams and businesses, showing them how to unleash peoples’ strengths and turbocharge performance.

Prior to becoming a psychologist, Kirsten gained experience from a diverse business background, including retail management and banking. By combining this business experience with her deep understanding of human psychology, Kirsten has helped some of New Zealand’s largest companies to increase staff engagement, productivity and agility.

Flexibility is a key component of Mindset’s offering. Kirsten does not take a one-size-fits-all approach. Rather, she carefully assesses her clients’ needs and creates a package of workshops, seminars and individual coaching sessions to meet those needs. Her workshops and coaching sessions are fun, interactive and - most importantly - life-changing!

Could your company benefit from one or more of the following?

  • Leadership Development (growing emotionally intelligent, transformative leaders)
  • Team Development (building aligned, high-performing teams)
  • Workforce Resilience (promoting calm, energised and agile staff)

Contact Kirsten for a free 15-minute discussion to assess your company’s needs or view her LinkedIn profile here.