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Melanie held hands-on and management roles for over a decade in the NZ Finance industry which was a combination of challenge and rewards. Like many others Melanie and her team were left redundant during the GFC and whilst this was a stressful time she was proud that mum and dad investors were not left out of pocket from the organisations she built and managed teams within.

In late 2012 Melanie was offered an opportunity to bring her skillset to the ever changing word of recruitment. Drawing on her passion for people, sales and having recruited many people in her career; moving into Recruitment proved to be an exciting and successful career transition.

Melanie has excelled in recruitment due to the combination of relationships she builds, tireless work ethic and the bigger picture approach she takes with everyone she engages with. Well known as straight up and honest with candidates and clients; Melanie believes deeply in only working with people who are 100% committed to making it work. This commitment level is needed from both sides of the partnership as the client has to be just as committed to provide all the support and leadership to retain the people she secures for their organisation.

Hiring managers engage with Melanie to prioritise their needs and be introduced to the very best talent. If you value your people and an honest and consultative partnership with positive outcomes, contact Melanie today

  1. Melanie has some great connections within the Automotive and Finance industry. She understands what her clients need and is able match well the clients needs and job seekers personality. I have found Mel to always provide a quality and efficient service. I definitely trust her to introduce great opportunities to auto industry professionals.

    Kevin Chu | Sales Executive

  2. All of the interactions I had with Melanie were first class. She took time to explore where I was at and what I was looking for, and it always felt like she really cared about getting the right fit and best outcome for everyone. Melanie also pushed hard to get the offer of employment through before Christmas which was very much appreciated. This is without a doubt the best experience I've had with any recruitment professional I have ever dealt with (and there have been a few over the years), and I'd happily recommend Melanie and Customise's services to other businesses and candidates.

    David Hurring | Account Manager

  3. The friendly personal approach of Melanie made the process run smoothly. The contact checking and touching base was great, I always knew at what stage my application was and never felt 'I wonder what is happening '. Thank you Melanie I really do appreciate your personal touch.

    Scott Harris | People and Culture Coordinator

  4. Mel exceeded my expectations in every way. She has the X factor when it comes to engaging with clients and is open and honest. She listened and understood the kind of challenge I was seeking and best of all kept in contact the entire time during the recruitment process. I have already recommended Mel to my colleagues. She is one in a million and an asset to the Customise Team.

    Larissa Naidoo | Talent Coach

  5. Probably the most fun I've had at an interview. Very clear about the role and gave good advice all the way through.

    New Vehicle Sales Consultant for Suzuki

  6. Melanie was very well informed and no question relating to my new position went unanswered. I would recommend Melanie to all employers who are trying to fill Specialist positions within their market place. Great Job.

    Evan Lorenzon | Group Parts Manager

  7. I've worked with Mel for a number of years in companies I have worked in and most recently she has placed many key roles inside Motorcorp over the past few years. Mel is a specialist Auto Talent recruiter and I don't think there's many of them in NZ. She is a great communicator but doesn't over communicate. She listens and understands my requirements; her candidates are always very strong and her documentation around her candidates is the best I've ever seen. Mel is highly professional and I absolutely trust her. I've dealt with many recruiters over the years and I've not met anyone as efficient or effective; she is head and shoulders above the rest.

    Steve Kenchington | General Manager, Motorcorp Group. March 2017

  8. We have used Mel is the past to fill our sales requirements and more recently she found an excellent candidate for our New Vehicle Sales Consultant position. The difference we find with Customise Consulting and in particular Mel is that she listens to what we are looking for and does her best to source the correct person to fit the role. Our team is growing and we will continue to utilise Mel's services for our future requirements without hesitation.

    Steven Hannah | Winger Greenlane. February 2017.

  9. I have used a few agencies in the past, none compared to the professionalism and attitude I found at Customise. My rep was welcoming and I really felt that they cared about finding the right fit. Communication was on point, and I never felt that I wasn't being kept absolutely up to date. Brilliant.

    Andrew O'Brien | Customer Support Specialist

  10. It was a pleasure to deal with Melanie, the professionalism and time taken to ensure a positive outcome were few and far between.

    Sam Parmar | Sales Specialist

  11. I had Melanie as my consultant and she was amazing throughout the entire process! She was very supportive and always made sure I was ready prior to interviews. I would highly recommend her to anybody looking for a job as her advice and tips are extremely important and helpful.

    Jamie Martin | Technical Support Engineer

  12. Melanie is a great consultant I have a lot of respect for, she listens to us and gives us a very good feed back. Always in touch and tells what exactly going on. Before the interview she reminds us how to respond, what questions to ask and goes over the experience that we've got. Melanie is the best consultant I ever met to be very honest. She encourages us and after my first interview with her help I was called for second interview, and through her help Sektor offered me a job. A great person with a very good qualities.

    Saadik Jawan | Team Member

  13. Melanie listened to exactly the role I was after. I have only sold niche market products. She did not offer or push another mainstream role to me like some others have done. Thank you Mel for all your help and assistance.

    Andy Prakash | New Car Sales at Winger North Shore

  14. Great people, great service and great results!

    William Song | Sales

  15. I met Melanie in June 2018 for brief catch up to discuss what type of role I was looking at in the Automotive industry. I'm ever so grateful to her as she had kept my details intact and contacted me with a suitable role which will help me to up-skill my current work experience in the Automotive industry. It was also very easy to interact with Melanie as she knew exactly what opportunities i was looking for. I'm so glad I contacted Melanie at Customise Consulting.

    A.M. | Warranty and Service Plan Administrator

  16. Melanie was amazing, just a pleasure to engage with and she really made me feel comfortable! I felt like she really wanted to help me get the job. I would 100% contact her again if I ever needed help and will definitely refer anyone I know to her.

    Louise Cory | Account Manager Support

  17. Melanie is a really good and professional consultant. She helped me to go through all the details for my new employment contract. When I had questions to ask her, she always helped me to find out solutions. It was a really good experience to meet Melanie.

    Bowen Wang | Digital Marketing and Sales Consultant

  18. I enjoyed my conversations and meeting with my consultant. She supported me in every aspect of my job application and encouraged me to keep my confidence for the interview with the employee. I appreciate her help and I wish her all the best in her career.

    Amir Rastar | Data Scientist

  19. Melanie Hoffman was exceptionally helpful and professional from day one. She guided me throughout the entire process and was very quick in responding to any of my questions. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone looking for employment.

    Nilay Brahmkshatriya | New Car Sales Consultant

  20. I enjoyed how onto it Mel was, she kept me in the loop constantly and was always very reassuring. She also gave great advice and practice questions for the interviews.

    Jeanie May | Receptionist & Pre-delivery Coordinator

  21. Melanie went above and beyond to ensure that I was comfortable with the role and had really good communication throughout the whole process. She is a lovely lady who really cares about her clients and candidates.

    Sharon Coleman | Finance Manager

  22. Melanie and Customise have been the best recruiters that I have ever worked with. Period. Melanie was perceptive, engaging, and able to show myself and my new employer how my background was an asset and a solid match for the requirements.

    Coming up in person for my first interview with Customise first seemed extremely unusual, but it has led to fantastic results and the best interviews I have had from end to end. I would not hesitate to recommend Melanie and Customise as a whole.

    Ryan Vincent | Data Analyst

  23. Melanie Hoffman had excellent communication and recommendation skills which provided substantial support for me. She has been a wonderful mentor to me through this fantastic journey of the recruiting process. I couldn't have gone this far without her. It is truly precious to me that I got to know her and was offered the opportunity. I'll definitely recommend Melanie and Customise Talent Group to my friends.

    Tony Wang | Technician Support Analyst

  24. Melanie was excellent throughout the process & is by far the best recruiter I have dealt with!

    Beven Young | Senior Lending Manager

  25. Melanie is so professional, friendly, and very easy to talk to. Her communication and follow-through is excellent. I am thrilled with her service.

    Michelle Reynolds | Receptionist/Pre-delivery

  26. I worked with Mel after being made redundant from my last job due to COVID-19 earlier this year. Mel is an amazing recruiter and I would recommend her to anyone looking for work in the Finance and Automotive industry. Her deep industry knowledge combined with her tireless work ethic and ability to see the bigger picture makes her the best recruiter I've worked with in my entire career. Thank you Mel for securing an awesome opportunity perfectly suited for me and ultimately re-launching my career.

    DW | Procurement Officer

  27. Melanie was great to deal with. She offered great advice and communication during the process which gave me the confidence boosts I needed to nail the interviews.

    HvdM | Member Support, Cityhop

  28. The best experience I've ever had with a recruiter, and actually the only time I have personally decided to proceed via an external recruiter to interview stage. In the past, I found they didn't really understand my experience or skillset and as a result, I didn't pursue jobs that were not advertised by the employer directly, however, Mel fully understood.

    L.L. | Credit Operations Manager

  29. Melanie provided very insightful information about the background of the company, the requirement of the role, especially the general flow of each the interview, so that I can prepare well for each interview and finally got the job offer. Thanks Melanie!

    Ben Wang | Electronic Project Engineer