Supporting Busy Managers

Your people are your biggest asset. Access consultative advice customised specifically to achieve your business and team objectives. Maximise your investment in your people and mitigate your HR risk.

Customise HR Consulting will assist you with:

  • Employment Contract review
    Ensure your legal compliance and reduce your exposure by ensuring your IEA is up-to-date today.
  • Job Description creation
    Present your company and opportunity professionally and ensure your employees know exactly what their responsibilities are from day 1
  • Psychometric Assessments & Reporting
    Whether its pre-employment or for team building; our assessments and practitioners offer you the opportunity to gain valuable insights as to how your team really ticks. We're experts with implementing and presenting the results of SHL, DISC and may other talent management insight tools that will add value to your team and ultimately the bottom-line.
  • On-Boarding and Induction
    Combining our Assessment reports with a structured induction ensures your new employee is able to hit the ground running
  • Performance Appraisals
    Scheduled performance reviews will ensure you recognise your top performers whilst identifying areas to assist others in areas for development
  • Dispute Mediation
    Disagreements or disputes are best addressed early and managed professionally by a trained professional. Our team adds significant value in these situations and focus on a positive, fair outcome for those involved.
  • Restructure & Transition services
    In times of change we offer expert advice to ensure smooth transitions.

Don't overlook this critical area of your business and team. Your Customise HR team is just a phone call away to discuss your unique requirements